Things You Should Know Before Placing Your Cricket Bets

Cricket betting and online casino games have become quite popular in recent years, thanks mostly to the increasing number of leagues and competitions around the globe. There are plenty of ways to bet on cricket matches, and the most common types include match bets, over/under wagers, half-time bets, and toss predictions. If you want to bet on cricket, then you should be aware of some basic things before placing your bets. This article covers those topics.

Money Line Betting

If you do not know how money line betting is done, then this might sound like a bit of a mystery. However, it is very simple. All you need to do is choose which team will win by looking at their odds. The higher the odds for one side, the more likely they are to win. On the other hand, the lower the odds for one team, the less chance they have to win.

Over / Under Wager.

This type of bet involves choosing whether there will be more runs scored than what has been predicted or vice versa. For example, if you predict that the total score for an entire test series will be 250 runs, then you can place an under bet meaning that you believe the actual result will be less than that. If you take the opposite position, then you would place an over bet.

Half Time Betting.

Half-time betting is similar to over / under wagering but instead of focusing on just the second innings, you also look into the first as well. This is because many teams tend to slump during the initial sessions of any match. Therefore, you can make the decision based on whether they will bounce back or not by looking at the odds for both half times.

Toss Prediction.

Toss prediction is perhaps the simplest form of betting because all you need to do is select the winner between two players who are tied at zero. It doesn’t matter what happens after that point.

Specialized Tips & Strategies.

Many people enjoy gambling on cricket because they find it interesting to see what strategy their favourite player uses to get the better of his opponents. To help them with this, there are lots of tips out there that explain how certain players perform. These tips usually come from experts who have gained experience through playing the game themselves. They may even reveal the secret strategies used by top professionals like Sachin Tendulkar (India’s greatest cricketer)


Bookmakers are companies that allow gamblers to place bets on different events. They act as middlemen between the gambler and the bookmaker. In return, they offer a small commission that allows them to cover costs. Some bookmakers accept credit cards while others prefer bank transfers. While it is true that these companies can sometimes scam people, overall, they are safe and reliable options.

Free Betting Promotions.

Although sportsbooks are always looking for new ways to attract customers, free betting promotions are often the best way to retain existing ones. Most bookies nowadays offer free bets when you register with them. Sometimes, you will receive free bets when you refer friends. Many bookmakers also give away cash prizes to winners of contests.

Odds Calculators.

There are several websites out there that provide odds calculators for sports betting purposes. They are websites also that provide online casino games from blackjack, crap, poker and roulette. These tools can be handy when you are planning on placing bets on specific games. After entering the relevant information, you can view the final odds that the bookie gives to each outcome. You can use them to determine which event is more favourable.

Use A Strategy When Making Betting Decisions.

It pays off to follow a simple strategy when it comes to betting. It ensures that you know exactly what to expect so you won’t end up disappointed when the scores don’t go your way.

Stick To The Basics And Avoid Betting Too Much Money.

Don’t overbet, especially on short shots. Be smart about where you put your bets and how much you spend. This helps you avoid making bad decisions that could result in losing all your money.

Use Expert Advice When Making Decisions.

If you want to improve your chances of winning online, then it makes sense to take expert advice. For example, if you’re interested in betting on online casino games, then you should consider talking to a person who frequently plays online casino games. He/She’ll probably tell you what sort of bets to place and how to make them count.


In conclusion, finding a reliable online bookmaker for cricket betting is not easy. We recommend that you take advantage of our reviews. They will help you find the best site for your needs. They will also help you find the best online casinos on the web.