Gambling and Betting – An Early Love Affair

MeHere at, I am dedicated to providing you, our readers, with all the useful information you need on betting and gambling. We will cover how to place successful bets, the history of betting, tips and tricks of the trade that we have learned as betting enthusiasts, as well as all the best places to bet – my and gamble online. We consider betting to be an investment and a means to grow your hard-earned cash, and we will instruct you in the ways of smart betting.

Firstly, let me introduce myself. I am a seasoned bettor, and I intend to share my vast knowledge and enthusiasm to enable others to achieve success in the wonderful world of gambling in Canada and all over the world.

My love of gambling and betting started young. In school I was forever sizing up odds and probable outcomes and would make informal bets with my friends and classmates on the most arbitrary things. Bets on if a pop quiz in History class was on the cards, if there would be pudding served at the school cafeteria that afternoon, and a host of other such trivial matters… and I betted on them all. I revelled in winning, and would carefully wrap all the pennies I had acquired into tight rolls. I soon realised that I had a gift, and the rolls of small coins collected from classmates, friends and my siblings soon grew in quantity. Soon I was able to purchase the stuff of a young boy’s dreams – candy. An entire sack full of candy that was mine and mine alone.

 I continued to learn throughout my betting career, and I learned how to bet smart. I have made enough money on betting to ensure that my beautiful wife and children are well-taken care of, and I have everything that my heart could desire. Happily retired, I have decided to dedicate my time to this site.

Let me show you how to be as successful as I have become.

Wishing You Everything You Deserve (and more),

Joshua Stevenson
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